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Standard Track

As of the 2022 academic year, Usui High School has overhauled its standard academic track. A system has been introduced to allow subjects other than those outlined by the Ministry of Education to be appended to curriculum in addition to revamping the curriculum in general. The school calendar has also been adapted to create a semester system in the place of the more common trimester schedule. A program known as “ASU” (After School Usui) has also been implemented to promote “Individually Optimized Learning” for all students. By creating a new learning environment such as this, our approach to sorting students into advanced and standard level classes has also been revitalized. This track prepares students to achieve a number of career goals as well as enter Fukui University, Fukui Prefectural University or the national university of their choice.

Standard Track Curriculum

★The curriculum accounts for 33 credits per academic year. Each year is divided into two semesters of study.

As of the 2022 academic year, Usui High School has adapted the school calendar from a trimester system to a semester system as well as revised its curriculum for the standard track. Students will now finish earning the necessary credits to graduate sooner and thus gain more time for electives. This will help them in their effort to find work or get into the university of their choice.

After School Usui (ASU) Shapes Learning

After revamping the curriculum in 2022, we dedicated sixth and seventh period to “ASU,” or After School Usui, every Friday. During these two dedicated class periods, students carry out their own self-designed studies. For example, students interested in culture may choose to experience the history of Fukui, traditional crafts or visit local businesses and factories. During this time frame students may also choose to attend classes aimed at helping them score better on university entrance exams or engage in self-study to work on homework and review.

PBL Proposal

We put our utmost efforts into creating PBL at this school to bring out the best in our students. Students cooperate with local officials to learn about as well as discover problems affecting Fukui and polish their critical thinking skills as they strive to find solutions to them. The overarching theme of PBL at Usui is “Advise Your Region”! Students typically team up in groups of three or four to tackle a regional issue.
Some examples include trying to vitalize the city centre of Fukui (Fukui City), thinking of how to make work environments more inclusive for women and child raising and redesigning disaster prevention and relief.

University Preparations

Students in both the normal and advanced classes that are part of the standard track aim to enter public universities. During summer break, there are mandatory special lectures designed to teach test taking skills for university entrance exams. The teaching staff monitors university requirements closely as to ensure that they can effectively coach each student and help them get into the university of their choice.
Staff members award letters of recommendation for outstanding academic achievement when appropriate as to allow more students to participate in fast track entrance exams.