Academic Tracks

Standard Track details

As of the 2022 academic year, Usui High School has overhauled its standard academic track. A system has been introduced to allow subjects other than those outlined by the Ministry of Education to be appended to curriculum, in addition to revamping the curriculum in general. The school calendar has also been adapted to create a semester system in the place of the more common trimester schedule. A program known as “ASU” (After School Usui) has also been implemented to promote “Individually Optimized Learning” for all students.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) Trackdetails

The PBL track at Usui High School premiered in the 2022 academic year. This track contains both academically intensive courses as well as PBL activities aimed at cultivating motivated learners who are academically talented. Students in this track are primed to apply for National Public universities such as Osaka University and Kanazawa University or high ranking private universities such as Kansai University, Kwansei Gakuin University, Doshisha University and Ritsumeikan University.